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    Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Rexte") is a national high-tech enterprises, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, private science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprises, is a member of Jiangsu Software Industry Association, Suzhou Software Industry Association, Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Society, Jiangsu Credit Management Association, Suzhou High-tech Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talent (Incubation) Unit.
     Suzhou Rexte company's "Rexte Tainter" brand, continue to inherit the "Red Shield security alarm", "Antai security technology", containing more than 150 different specifications of the product type The company has 3 modern production workshops and 6 automatic production lines. The company develops, designs, manufactures and integrates software and hardware for various types of audible and visual alarms, safety warning light projectors, industrial acoustic communication devices, industrial energy-saving lighting, unattended central control equipment for industrial and mining railway crossings, and industrial Internet of Things intelligent safety accident prevention and control systems



  • AI AI Artificial ·
    AI Industrial Vision [content:title] Industrial vision is a core area of industrial automation, including key tasks such as detection, identification, measurement, and localization.

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  • 冶金 Metallurgical·
    Automation Solutions [content:title] proposed a variety of laser cleaning intelligent equipment. Focus on industry needs, enhance independent research and development capabilities, to make up for the regrets caused by industry vacancies with innovative products

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  • IOT IOT Cloud Alarm·
    Industrial intelligence    [content:title] Conducts collection, transmission, storage, analysis, prediction, updating and maintenance of equipment information, with the aim of improving equipment efficiency and maintenance and repair efficiency, management system.

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  • 数字 Digital Twins ·
    industrial integration [content:title] Accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing, promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the deep integration of the real economy.

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24 years of experience in production design

Maintain a high level of sensitivity and respond quickly to market and customer needs; and always be one step ahead.

R&D and design team

With a development team at the front end of the industry and a high level of service consciousness, we provide solutions for our clients.

A strong product sales team​

We are a dynamic and innovative high-tech company, adhering to the concept of "virtue first, virtue and talent", believing that virtue creates quality and quality creates value.

Attentive after-sales service​

The success of our customers is the responsibility of the company and of each and every employee. Our efforts determine the success of our customers